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I came across the following quote in the book I'm currently reading. For the record, I believe that anyone who takes time to think about what they eat is doing a good thing: we each come to our own conclusion on whether to be vegetarian, keep kosher, eat only organic food and so on. I'm not judging anyone's choices by posting this.

"Purely from an animal welfare point of view, I'd rather eat an organic steak than drink a pint of conventional milk." Patrick Whitefield (2004) The Earth Care Manual p. 258 ISBN 1-85623-021-X

My understanding is that the author believes that most (non-Organically raised) dairy cows suffer more than do most Organically raised beef cattle. In the UK, Organic standards for livestock standards cover feed, housing and stocking densities, veterinary treatments and animal welfare: Batteries Not Included is a detailed report on the current reality (PDF format).
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