baby astrolab (mizzpyx) wrote in ethicaleaters,
baby astrolab

easy cheap student food?

I'm trying to cut down on expenses, being a Poor Student(TM). However this is really tough, 'cause I'm in college/work all day, and end up eating in the cafeteria in college a few days a week. This is not only ridiculously overpriced, it also isn't the healthiest way to eat. However there's no facilities for cooking/heating food on campus (although I do have a microwave at work which is really handy, but only there a couple days a week).
So, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for food that I can make a day or two in advance ('cause I'm often out of the house from morning till late evening), is tasty cold as well as hot, is filling (I eat enough for two or three mere mortals), and is vegetarian (I'm the garden-variety lacto-ovo kind). Oh, and doesn't have insanely expensive ingredients I'm not really a fan of most salads 'cause they rarely fill me up.. and most of the food I cook these days just isn't suitable- it's either only good when it's hot, or it's stuff you have to eat straight away.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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