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UK men living ethical lives?

Apparently, ITV in the UK are making a new programme about UK men who live ethical lives:

I'm working on a new programme for ITV1 which aims to explore different life/work ethos and lifestyles. The idea behind the programme is that everyone makes a series of different choices throughout life in which they choose to prioritise one thing over another - money over ethics or career over time with family etc. and, having made these decisions, can often find themselves stuck in a way of living and a lifestyle which makes it difficult to consider other options.

Within the programme we are looking to find two men (with a wife/partner/family) who have different attitudes to living and working and who, along with their family/partner, would each be interested in the challenge of switching jobs and experiencing the other's way of work/life for a week in an attempt to learn more about their own choices and lifestyle. At the end of the week each family may feel that the experience has served to reinforce their conviction in their lifestyle choices but it is also an opportunity for people to experience a completely different way of living which may prompt people to open their eyes to new attitudes and re-think priorities.

We're really keen to feature a family/couple who have made a conscious decision to live and/or work by ethical and/or ecologically sound principles/values as I think, for many families, exploring these ideas up close and personal for a week could be a fascinating experience and one which might challenge them (and hopefully some of the viewers) to re-examine their priorities and attitudes.

As the exchange is supposed to be challenging in an enjoyable, as well as in a thought-provoking, way it should also give both families/couples involved a unique opportunity to try something completely different that it isn't ordinarily possible just to have a go at for a week (somewhat in the style of the Channel 4 programme Faking It! I suppose). The idea is that everyone involved tries something challenging, different and new. What they would be attempting to do would be something perhaps a little out-of-the-ordinary and certainly different from their everyday way of life but which, with the help of a mentor, would be achievable within the time frame (so no brain surgery!).

I'm really keen to talk to families or couples whose values and beliefs are bourn out in the way they live and work in a demonstrable way who might be interested in finding out more. There's no commitment expected or required at this stage, I'm just looking to speak to people who think it could be interesting and would like to find out a few more details.

I wondered whether you might know of any families or couples who live and work according to their ethical/ecological beliefs who might be interested in the idea of the programme and also whether it would be possible to mention it on your website or in an email.

Anyone feels like nibbling, I got this in email, and can put you in touch... !
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