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baby astrolab

"lapsed" veggie lookin for advice..

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I've been veggie for years, but lately.. not so much so. Basically the situation is that my family are very prone to Alzheimers- of my grandmother's generation, all of them are either dead or in the advanced stages. it's not pretty.
I'd been doing a whole lot of research/reading into Alzheimers and ways that are thought to be able to prevent it, or at least reduce it's likelihood, or even just slow it down a bit, and the one thing that kept on coming up all the time was eating oily fish- apparantly people who eat it regularly are like 6 times less likely to end up eith Alzheimers.
because I'm a whole lot more freaked out by the thought of ever getting Alzheimers' than the thought of eating fish (it's my worst fear, basically), I've started sometimed eating some oily fish.
Now, I don't really like doing this.. on the other hand I'm petrified of ever ending up with Alzheimers.. I'm just wondering does anyone know any other things I could be doing instead, or other food with the stuff that's in oily fish. Also, I know there's a list somewhere of different species of fish, with how their caught and stuff like that, so I could at least try and stick to stuff that isn't being overfished or farmed or anything nasty like that.

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